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How to...
...Register to Vote
...Request Absentee Ballots
...Determine Your Precinct
...Change Your Name or Party Affiliation
...Change Your Address
...Update Your Signature
...Restore Your Right to Vote After a Felony Conviction

...Vote Your Ballot
...Run for Office
...Become a Pollworker or a Counting Center Worker

...Contact the Elections Office
...Contact Your Elected Officials
...Contact Political Parties

2003 Election Law Changes
Absentee Ballots for Overseas Voters
Address Confirmation Notice Reply Form
Early Voting
Election Day Tips and Information
Federal Voting Assistance Program (for military and overseas citizens)
HAVA Violation Reporting Procedures
ID Requirement for Mail Registrants
New ID Card Frequently Asked Questions
Provisional Ballots
Voter Fraud
Voter Registration Verification Request Form
Voter's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
What Does the Supervisor of Elections Do?

2005 Elections Office Holidays
2005 Important Dates
Upcoming Elections

Acquiring Voter Registration Data
Campaign Treasurer's Report Information
Candidate and Committee Forms
Candidate and Committee Workshops
Candidate Handbook on Campaign Financing (PDF format)
Candidate Handbook on Qualifying (PDF format)
Committee Handbook (PDF format)
Common Candidate Mistakes
IRS Filing Regulations for Candidates and Committees
Telephone Solicitation
Political Advertisements
Political Sign Restrictions
Registered Political Committees
Solicitation at the Polls on Election Day

Districts and Cities with Precincts
Election Archive
Election Laws, Procedures and Rules
Election Results
Florida Campaign Finance Database
Precinct Maps
Polling Places and District Assignments
Voter Registration Statistics

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